Recovery Road has arrived!!!!!

Welcome to Mission Serenity

…….committed to restoring broken lives

Hi there and welcome to Mission Serenity, a not for profit group dedicated to restoring broken lives. Our purpose is to restore lives through targeted programs in several areas. Our Christ centered programs work on a number of different issues including restoring family relationships, recovery from childhood sexual abuse, restoring authentic manhood and twelve step recovery programs. Please enjoy the site.

The Heart Talk Manual is a great book that we all need to read more than once, even just to skim over to remind ourselves of these vital concepts of heartfelt, genuine and effective communication. Well done and thank you! I can gain a lot from improving with the skills you have provided in this book.


Graham, thank you for standing by Michelle and working together to pioneer this vital ministry. I am blessed.. words are not enough to tell you both how much your work has meant to my life. Thank you.


The results of their personal experiences and dedication to helping others will have tremendous and lasting effects in many families. I am so thankful for their unique ministry and wish that its influence will spread far and wide